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Smatterings of Writing on the James Ray Trial

Debbie Mercer:

… took the stand to tell her version of the horrific details of James Ray’s 2009 sweat lodge.

As she recounts, about 15 minutes after the ceremony, she ended up at the back of the lodge finding Kirby Brown and James Shore lying beside each other holding hands with their faces white and their lips blue. She made the discovery with her daughter Sara, who pointed out they were holding hands. Debbie said, “I know, we got to get them out of here.” They were able to get Kirby Brown out by each grabbing an arm, and needed help with James Shore who was larger.

With no cell phones on site (except JAR) she drove a golf cart home to get her husband Ted’s phone and call 911. She called back because the dispatcher advised her to call back if anything changed.

When asked why she took the pictures after one of the earlier lodges she advised to show her friend from Switzerland who wanted to see, ”what these crazy Americans are up to.”

(#1 … written 4/9/11 after reading LaVaughn’s Celestial Reflections Blog: James Ray Trial Day 26 … revised 4/24/11)

Sweaty Hauntings

Civility is getting thrown out the window in the most recent days of the trial. Allowing in the prior acts has certainly opened up the flow of the proceedings and the judge himself has stepped up and said he has had enough with all the finger pointing. Judge Darrow is ready to move on, so while Li can argue endlessly on points that are not even entirely clear, at least not to the uninitiated. Now we got Kelly becoming an objection machine. Ms. Polk is forced to be ever vigilant in how she phrases her questions because the defense contends she is leading the witnesses.
The defense has even gone so far to present their case for prosecutorial misconduct. The move towards a mistrial got squashed sot he defense wants to be heard by a higher court.

The judge is trying hard to remain calm, and stick to his naturally laid back demeanor but these days that is getting ever-more difficult.

(#2 …written 4/9/11 after reading Tom McFeeley’s Blog: Prior acts…)

Sacred Morph Channels

In my travels to unearth the most up to date info I came across this entry from March 24th on the miracles awake blog. This is a blog run by ACIM practitioner. As I read the entry which is couched in CIM jargon, which in itself is awash in the language of Christianity. What comes to mind as I read this alien sounding diatribe?
The post defines sin in a way that is unfamiliar to me. It states it is the sense of something being wrong. I feel that is a trait of the Miracles Course is that it carries its message using language that is very familiar to Christians even if the way it is presented falls from the state of traditional meaning. This is what is so dangerous to Christians I would believe it is the morphing of their religion onto a channeled new age concept. This sits about as well with the traditional Christians as I would think the Mormons do. Here you have a religion which very clearly prays to Jesus but points to a history that falls very far from the mark of their belief system.

Is this the same type of veracity we are seeing form the Native Americans who are so up at arms at the sacrilege associated with the cherry picking approach of these self-help or new age luminaries. The one difference I see is that the Christians are still in a control position within this American society, even if at the moment their brand may be losing a little market share to the modern day new age interlopers. The Native American population is another story. Here you have a remarkably sophisticated and sustainable culture decimated by greed and hate. The whites that landed on North America systematically destroyed the native populations they happened upon as they began to settle on this land, and you can be certain the newfound settlers were founding their unchecked hatred and brutality through Christian belief systems, albeit misguided, and an obvious distortion of teachings that in their essence talk of creating harmony not destruction.

(#3 written 4/9/11 after reading Reja CIM’s blog post ***looked for original post but appears is no longer available)

Crosstalk Crosswalk

I took a new gander over at the Droid trial updates and see he changed how things are done on his massive page which he takes credit for 20% of it. I wonder if that estimate comes from the number of comments or commenters? Either way, he is now reserving the main trial updates page for broad brush strokes and using the daily twitter rehash for the finer details to fill in as deemed appropriate.

The community is going full blaze in the comments sections and people are finding lots to discuss some of the recurring topics center around the criteria of a sociopath, the desecration of sacred rituals, and lack of training and understanding of the meaning and rituals associated with Native American Sweat Lodges.

People also exhaustively trash the defense, remarking about Li’s temper, Kelly’s bullying, and the machine gun-like rapid fire delivery of Do, or her pouting when things don’t go her way.

Then of course we are forced to go down many sidebars in such inane topics as fire ants, vegetarian food, rat poison, construction wood, and the list goes on…

(written 4/9/11 after perusing Salty Droid’s James Ray Trial Updates)

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