Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beware of Fake Gurus and People Posting Nonsense

In my continuing search regarding everything James Ray I stumbled on this link Fake Gurus and False Profits: Who are We Listening To? posted by Karen Tallkat. Something about the article caused me to blow a gasket and I rattled off a quick rant about it. Then as I looked at it closer I realized it had been written earlier than the April 1st posting on j-net solutions because it mentions pre-trial motions from February 2nd. I found the original posting on her website along with videos, bio, and the like. Mrs Tallkat is very opinionated about watching out for these false guru types, particularly Little Grandmother who she thinks should shut up for a few decades before sharing her wisdom. Mrs. Tallkat feels there are too many of them types, so she don’t want them around here. No, actually she doesn’t have time for gurus at all, Mrs. Tallkat sees the guru thing as passe

According to Mrs. Tallkat the James Ray Sweat Lodge tragedy is a microcosm of a bigger problem that lies with these spiritual seeker types hyped up on the 2012 thing flocking to the southwest and fouling up things for all of the legitimate folks, I paraphrase of course but you can see her actual words for yourself. The trick then becomes being able to sift through all of the slick websites and find the teachers who are the real deal. Mrs Tallkat has come across many clients who have left high cost programs because the content was just plain childish, and this is where her snipe at Little Grandmother is volleyed. In Mrs Tallkat’s words:

Be cautious of individuals with a meteoric, viral video rise to fame. I’ve noticed a few so called ‘grandmothers’ that might benefit by shutting up for a few decades and experiencing more of life before offering their wisdom to the masses. Isn’t a Grandmother (Little or Big) an elder by definition? And hey - How can there be so many white Grandmothers out there?!

Now that the competition has been told to shut up for a few decades we can continue with Mrs. Tallkat’s guru fighting platform, shall we. Its okay to pay for programs that connect you to the source, but ask questions about your teacher’s credentials, do your research, and look for lies and spin.

You see Mrs. Tallkat is not no New ager, well what is she then I’m not sure, she doesn’t exactly label herself so easily, but she is definitely not a new ager as you can see in one of her videos, which interestingly enough opens with a dance to help slough off that negative energy, you know all that crummy new age stuff, shake it off.

Her advice to avoid getting into trouble with a false-guru is stated as follows... "if an intuitive consultant, or instructor asks for additional fees to remove a curse, increase your personal appeal, help you to conceive – or for a private expensive ceremony – you have just encountered a charlatan."

She goes on to claim that there are many ethical teachers but they are overshadowed by the crooked ones. What I find so interesting is how important it is for her to plead her case, and distance herself from the phonies. It really becomes apparent how a guy like James Ray might be bad for business for a lot more people than just himself.

Here she sees Dead People...

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