Monday, May 25, 2009

Toppling Governments

I tuned into FeverIAm this morning and watched his video Don't Panic! The "Next Stage" is Officially in print!

The first link he provides is from the telegraph and talks about the third stage of the global economic crisis. The first was the financial markets, the 2nd was the credit crunch, and now they are citing the 3rd stage as according to Samuel Johnson of the IMF "where governments start to topple under the weight of this debt."

Basically the debt has moved from the private sector to the public sector. In the next two years we could see AAA credit ratings stripped from the likes of the US and the UK. Ouch, this could send investment out of these countries and further squeeze their economnies. The big squeeze is on.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Reinhardt D-day is here!!!

May 11th the big day for Reinhardt has come and is on its way to being gone. The temperament on the streets is definitely moving towards optimistic even though there are no strong signs that we are anywhere near out of the woods yet. I sit on the sidelines and ponder the result about to come upon us. My favorite thing I've noticed is how many people act like they know exactly whats going on. I am gaining view of this social organization I've been born into and want to know more about this pretty mess.

Lately my first stop has been FeverIAm because he has an uncanny ability to uncover details most of us miss. As supported an hour ago on Fev's latest video by a comment by Youtube user aw3212

"FeverAmI (sic) doesn't ask for anything, doesn't expect us to think a certain way and he gives us facts and information that we'd otherwise miss"

FeverIAm's New Video

People love to get all gossippy on the Reinhardt situation as evidenced by the banter on godlikeproductions but I am not that interested in the personality stuff as much as I am in the solid info, so lets keep that in mind as we continue.

Fever's first link is about JP Morgan and how they managed to stay out of trouble on certain risky investments because they vconjured, and thus knew to steer clear of them. As Marsh puts it:

There were central bankers who kept interest rates too low, the politicians who turned a blind eye toward bloated international liquidity, the regulators who were too lax and the chief executives who were too aggressive. Also, the Americans and British persisted in running unsustainable current account deficits, while the Germans and Chinese piled up unsustainable surpluses.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Reinhardt Countdown Looms Closer

Reinhardt is a modern day Nostradamus of sorts. You can find out about him by searching once you've navigated past Doug and Django. He is credited with predicting the fall 2008 collapse well in advance of its tumble.

Reinhardt's website: Enterprise Corruption

Many have soured on his predictions since his website went to an expensive pay format. You can find talk threads about him on the website godlikeproductions.

Here FeverIAm's video regarding Reinhardt. He cites health provisions as the big deal in the Obama stimulus plan. Globalizing your health info will send your data overseas within seconds. Mike gets into Reinhardt and his love of cycles. When everything gets stored electronically ...

Now as the countdown to May 11 nears we can only wonder what is next. Here is a vid on Youtube about the prediction

Legatus is an organization founded by Dominos Pizza owner. Reinhardt insists this is the pivotal connection and they will be having a big gathering in the days leading up to May 11.

The banks are in jeopardy beginning this month according to some folks. Here FeverIam talks about the capitalization of banks and their ability to withstand swings. The results have yet to be revealed.

Hal Turner's Leaked Report on Bank Stress Tests

Keep Your Eyes On the Warren Buffett Table

On ABC's Good Morning America Warren Buffett assured us of a recovery on the way.

He has been claiming around the circuit these days that the actions taken so far have navigated us past the Pearl Harbor phase of the recession. On deck are the Bank Stress Tests which have been held back another week. The world is uneasy and the state of the American Banks is a big reason why. We are going into a pivotal phase in the economic and political maelstrom. It is amazing we even listen to a figure like him considering he got taken for a ride along with everyone else. The only difference is he can afford to shave off a few billion dollars in cash.

One can only wonder if this is all false optimism or if the likes of Reinhardt are on to something. He pegs May 11th as the big day.

Remember to take the path of the rhino, keep your eyes on now, and check back later for another update on whats going on.