Saturday, April 23, 2011

Characters of the James Ray Trial: No Apologies, You Know Who Is Guilty

I decided to look at additional comments from the same page and went further back to a comment from Sarah Lansing on April 9, 2011 at 12:02 pm who tells us “not to lose sight” of what the James Ray trial sums up to. To Sarah it all boils down to waivers. She feels if the people signed the waivers then they are liable for anything that happened. As a matter of fact this is what they paid big money for. She says if you do your research you will learn that is what it takes to get the altered states of vision questing without tripping hard.

Sarah like Genaro is a big fan of the ALL CAPS thing and uses it freely to provide emphasis. Along the way she concludes that most of the people in the lodge were hunky-dory, and we need to keep this in mind. Sarah finishes off her post on James Ray’s website with this:

This is all that matters. With that much testimony in favor of Mr Ray the jury will know that Mr Ray did not conduct the sweat lodge in a reckless manner and there are no grounds to break those ironclad liability waivers the people signed promising to take full responsibility for their actions should they participate in the activities of the workshop. Mr Ray is…NOT GUILTY of manslaughter. Those people who suffered and died are guilty of refusing to have the good sense to listen to their bodies and get out of the sweat lodge when they had reached their limit, like that one lady did.


It is oh so very clear cut for Sarah with the iron clad waivers, and the clearly non-reckless behavior of James Ray. I’m not sure what trial she is watching if she is not witnessing anything reckless about the way Ray conducted his lodges. She tells us that the victims are guilty, not Ray. That they needed to listen to their bodies, and that without that common sense in play, they are guilty as charged with whatever Ray concocts, once the waivers are signed of course.

I am going to look at a few more comments, and then brainstorm a Top 10 from their perspective as I am seeing it. I’m truly curious about whats bubbling up from that camp right now.

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