Wednesday, April 6, 2011

James Ray Trial Mid Week Update

Tuesday gave us a "snow day" as Tom McFeeley put it. Juror #4 got sick and Salty Droid cheered because he had to catch up.

Wednesday brought the past James Ray sweat lodges into focus and the defense appeared shook, calling for a mistrial which Judge Darrow quickly shot down. Defense Attorney Li said he will take the judge's decision to a higher court. Kelly also of the defense played the sorry and confused card. He claimed he can't give his client adequate representation in light of the new developments and needs more time to prepare.

Hughes from the prosecution made it clear that this is not news and the defense had plenty of time to prepare. Kelly is going to change his witness list. The judge firmly stated the 15 prosecution witnesses are not going to cause a cumulative demonstration of the facts circulating around the prior sweat lodges (2007/2008)

Ted Mercer struggled keeping his responses brief. In his role of firekeeper he said James Ray called for an inordinate amount of rocks, about a 100. All the other sweat lodges that Mercer participated in the number of rocks was about a quarter of that. During the 2009 when Ted Mercer told James Ray that the rocks were really hot this time, Ray simply replied, "good."

At the end of James Ray's Sweat Lodges things always got ugly. Distressed and sick people turned the events into what looked like a MASH unit, not quite the smiles and joy Li works so hard to get the photos to portray. For the first time the jury gets to hear about prior year sweat lodges and this means a circus is sure to follow.

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