Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Characters of the James Ray Trial: Amayra Hamilton Edition

Let us leave Michael Hamilton, and turn our attention to his wife Amayra Hamilton, who is originally from Holland. She advised Defense Attorney Luis Li that she ran a business for 10 years importing and exporting essential oils when he inquired about her previous business experience.

From the Angel Valley website here are some highlights:
• moved from Holland to Sedona in 1997 <<< Met Michael in Holland
• …in the early 1980’s…she began her study of spiritual psychotherapy. She learned color therapy and chakra balancing. She expanded…to the use of essential oils, massage and body/energy work and included sound healing…, using a variety of instruments…
• works with crystal skulls <<< Here is a link to a crystal skull essay featuring Amayra
• Mayan Calendar and Mayan Signatures…
• The death of her 28-year old son in 1999 was a life altering experience…She added grief guidance to the assistance she provides.
• a non-denominational ordained minister and performs weddings and commitment ceremonies.
• focus is to create and encourage heart connections, honoring the Divine feminine.

Additonal Modalities (also from the Angel Valley Website)
• Healing through Art
• Holistic Energy Work & Reiki
• Intuitive Coaching
• Tai Ji
• Vortex & Angel Walks

A February 16th NPR report (which Li harped on as the start of the trial but had been conducted earlier) yields this from Amayra regarding the decline in visitors to Sedona since the 2009 James Ray lodge.

"I think most of it all has to do with people being unsure what exactly happened," says Amayra Hamilton, who runs Angel Valley with her husband. "So there's uncertainty."

And here is some more Crystal Skull Discussion on New Age Fraud:

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