Saturday, April 23, 2011

Characters of the James Ray Trial: The Return of Genaro the Apologist

So in the Genaro Comment Blog we have our next post which came in less than 6 hours, I guess Genaro couldn’t sleep with so much James Ray on her mind, or was it the annoying voice of Prosecutor Polk ringing in her head. I mean why can’t she move around more like the defense, so that her words will be drowned out more often, and thus less haunting. I’m happy because then I wouldn’t have the Genaro Comment Blog to get me a-writing.

Genaro turns out to be quite an advocate for courtroom auditory protocol even calling for handcuffing her beloved defense to the podium so she can hear them, nothing like handcuffed attorneys in a heartfelt Good Friday post.

One thing that pisses off Genaro more than the rampant jealousy of bald people is people who can’t answer a question directly. Genaro we see is an avid critic of what constitutes direct communication, and thank heavens. Genaro suggests we smack ‘em around in a slapstick fashion. It wreaks more of bad 50’s detective movies, or extraordinary rendition, or some other beat the truth out of people shtick. Genaro knows the best way to get to the bottom of things with people that try to HIDE SOMETHING (* Genaro’s All Caps, not mine) is crack their skulls but please make it funny. Well you can be the judge is it is funny, here is the Introduction Genaro blessed us with on James Ray's website yesterday...

Genaro says: April 22, 2011 at 5:34 pm



INTRODUCTION: Let me say that I find the voice of prosecuting attorney Polk very obnoxious and annoying. However, since she doesn’t walk around I can easily hear everything she says. The defense attorneys tend to walk around and their voices get louder and softer, louder and softer, louder and softer. Sometimes I can clearly hear what they are saying and sometimes I cannot. It can be very frustrating. It seems to me that the future of court trials will be that attorney’s who like to walk around will use cordless microphones attached to their clothing. THEY SHOULD BE USING THEM NOW!!!! How about the defense either use cordless microphones or handcuff themselves to the podium so that I can always clearly hear what they are saying. Thanks!

If there is one thing that really gets on my nerves it’s when people give indirect answers to direct questions. Keeping this in mind I was tempted over and over to give Mr Hamilton official ‘Three Stooges’ slaps and demand he answer direct questions put to him directly. It is my belief that people who don’t want to answer direct questions directly ARE HIDING SOMETHING! They are dishonest people who do their best to hide their dishonesty by giving indirect answers to direct questions. It’s their way of trying to change the subject in order to get themselves off the ‘hook’. Mr Hamilton is obviously an expert in the usage of this particular strategy.


In this same post Genaro continues with some deep mental investigating that opens up lots more insight into how she sees this whole kaboodle of a trial... To Be Continued.

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