Saturday, April 23, 2011

Characters of the James Ray Trial: Genaro the Apologist

Anyone that suffers through the postings on the James Ray site is familiar with the commenter Genaro who has been at it since right after the Sweat Lodge 2009. Genaro Flores is a dedicated poster and thus leaves a wide imprint on what makes her tick (I think it’s a woman but one can’t be sure of everything, can we.)

Lets start with some of these recent postings that were the impetus for Genaro the Apologist to be my next Character piece for the James Ray Trial. I realize many may think this individual does not deserve such scrutiny, and if you feel that way feel free to move on, my feelings won’t be hurt. I beg to differ though. I think that the views of this individual are important, no matter how unsavory they may appear to you. So let us begin, here Genaro is real upset about Michael Hamilton’s relations with Archangel Michael.

Here is the entire post from April 22, 2011 at 12:33 am

DEFENSE: ‘We feel it is crazy to believe that the Biblical Archangel Michael can appear to you and tell you what to do. We officially request that when Mr Hamilton leaves the witness stand he immediately be subject to a thorough psychological examination focusing on these angel visions of his. The result of that thorough examination may indeed make all the difference in this case.

We could save the State of Arizona some time and money. We all agree it is crazy to believe that the Biblical Archangel Michael can appear to us and tell us what to do, right? We all agree on that, right?’

*I think you will find that Mr Hamilton didn’t want anyone to die, but he did indeed want to permanently ruin Mr Ray’s reputation. Never once thought he might be dragged into it headlong. There is a saying in the Bible: something about my enemies falling int the pit they dug for me. In this case, I would imagine, you can substitute ‘sweat lodge’ for ‘pit’. Oh yes, Mr Hamilton was jealous of Mr Ray alright. There was just much too much hair on his head!

In this post we have Genaro speaking as the Defense, and declaring the belief that Archangel Michael can appear to you makes you insane. It is obvious that Genaro gets a kick out of herself (I will use the female pronoun until I find out differently) She is quick to go on the offensive, in the comments of James Ray’s website that is. It appears that comments that are not seen positively by the admin are deleted, and then the mania that is Genaro is allowed to roam free and really show quite clear the disease of the apologist in black and white for anyone that has the constitution to deal with such mess.

After declaring the craziness of Archangel encounters she looks for support. The only problem she posts hundreds of words as if the James Ray is her personal blog with no call and response to come except a meager one punctuated at the end.

She stars her last paragraph I guess to tell us that she will now say something really important: “I think you will find that Mr. Hamilton didn’t want anyone to die” To be honest I'm not in a lets agree with Genaro kinda mood, I might as well jump on board with what Tallkat Conley wants to set sail with. Once Genaro has you agree to Michael Hamilton not wanting people to die, she lays down her reason for the star, that Mr. Hamilton is hell-bent on ruining the reputation of James Ray. I wonder if Genaro ever thinks about the damage her posts due to the causes of James Ray as viewed by members of a less sensational ilk. They are out to get her homey, and this calls for a Bible verse, except Genaro seems a bit hazy on what the bible says about the whole falling into a pit thing. All in all that only makes it that easier to switch up pit for sweat lodge (don’t you love convenience in the place of logic, perhaps knowledge, or a sense of respect?) And just when we thought we may actually get some substance out of the matter from Genaro Flores we get he is jealous all right, this Mr. Hamilton, because of the hair on Mr. Ray’s head.

Wow! So let me get my scorecard straight here, it is fair game to make fun of a man who talks to angels, especially since he doesn’t want to kill nobody, but don’t mess with the reputation of Ray, or you will get hazy biblical quotes, and be mocked because of your appearance, absolutely brilliant stuff. The next post can only get better I’m sure….

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