Monday, April 4, 2011

Highlights from the LaVaughn James Ray Trial Blog

Since I got so late to the game I wanted to start covering some of the earlier discussions that were launched at the outset of this trial. I begin with some highlights from LaVaughn who as I keep mentioning is doing an extensive blow by blow of the entire trial, as she puts it - front and center with the popcorn.

The idea that the prosecutor Ms. Polk is using James Ray's own words to incriminate him seemed to be a good strategy for LaVaughn, and she pointed out several aspects of cult programming that she felt jumped out at her from some of the statements of James Ray leading up to the sweat lodge.

Here is a quick list for you to contemplate:

1. Building Urgency "Time is short"
2. Raising Fear "if you're not going to die"
3. Sleep Deprivation "some of you went to bed last night"
4. Food and Water Deprivation
5. Watermelon Fast Breaking (Sugar-Shock)

Then there is the topic of Holotropic Breath Work developed by Stan Grof, who claims James Ray was not certified to teach, LaVaughn provides the link.

Another activity of note during the 5 days of Spiritual Warrior 09 is The Samurai Game which caused some participants to lay "dead" for an extended period of time before the Vision Quest which entailed 36 hours without food and water.

And finally the opening remarks for the defense that came from Luis Li centered around the fact that adults have the right to choose, and thus must be held responsible for any actions they take.

Here you have some albeit disjointed points in their presently concocted form but important touchstones of the trial nonetheless. So when you get a chance go over to LaVaughn and thank her for all her insights, I'm sure she'd really appreciate it.

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