Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Tweets on the James Ray Trial

Welcome to the spanking new Eyes On Now twitter stream...

(Apr 4th) Without a doubt Salty needs to be your James Ray Trial homepage

Entryway to LaVaughn's (aka Celestial Reflections) blog covering the blow by blows of the Sweat Lodge Trial

Tom McFeeley's Opening Salvo regarding the Trial

Sweat Lodge Trial: Eyes On Now Intro (video)

Baby's First Words regarding the trial

Follow the James Ray Trial Tweets via our handy-grandly lovely lil' list ...

Connie Joy's heap of resources and insider perspective

Seeding the Multimedia Lawn ... James Ray On Trial Edition:

Science instead of Self Help - Sam Snyder

Freshness RT @twinkiewrangler: The #JamesRay Daily is out! Top stories today via @eyesonnow @anticult

RT @katiecoolady: ... fyi will attend the JAR trial next Wed and will do my best to tweet.

RT @anticult: Cult susceptibility: Why Did They Join A Cult? #cults

My Latest Blog Entry ... Highlights from the LaVaughn Blog

Archived from 4/4 to 4/5 via the Eyes On Now twitter stream.

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