Friday, April 22, 2011

Characters of the James Ray Trial: Michael Hamilton Edition

In any well crafted drama the characters are what allow the story to play out, and it is no different with the characters of the James Ray Trial. One interesting thing about this trial is the people enmeshed in it. For the past 2 days Michael Hamilton the co-founder of Angel Valley is testifying.

On the Angel Valley website is Mr. Hamilton smiling on their services page as the first in a line-up followed by his wife Amayra, Fawn Foster, and a host of others. The Hamilton’s are non-denominational ministers that perform wedding ceremonies. Their practices are referred to as modalities and Michael’s also include Intuitive Coaching and Affirmations, his wife Amayra’s modality list runs quite longer and includes Channeled Writing, Crystal Skulls, and Angel Walks.

On another page Michael talks of his spiritual journey that started July 22, 1996 when the Archangel Michael came to him during a channeling session, and from there on Michael found himself on a mission.

Much more recently, in December 2010, that mission got curtailed by a land use permit denied by The Yavapai County Planning and Zoning Commission who had some questions about his plans to section off parts of his property for third party use. For one thing the County didn’t want to see unchecked expansion over at Angel Valley.

Now if you asked where did they meet James Ray? It started when a guy who was “in with an agent” according to what Michael Hamilton said to detectives on 10/26/09 where they made it clear to him that he wasn’t under criminal investigation for the sweat lodge. They got into the sweat lodges after being around some people with the “Native American Energy” as opposed to the white minister energy I presume. Two of these natives are David Singing Bear and Angel Valley’s former manager Gary Palisch who has some native blood, according to Hamilton.


Now jump to today and he is the wood expert. Defense attorney Do asks Mr. Hamilton as someone who has worked in construction for 30+ years and knows a lot about pressure treated wood. Then she drops the new organophosphate defense, which is CCA, with the key word here in the A which stands for arsenic. It is arsenic, the new smoking gun, well not exactly.

And one final word, last night when looking at the Angel Valley website to get a feel for how the Hamiltons choose to present themselves online, I thought to myself crystal skulls would be an easy target for the defense and sure enough here they are. Now we are in recess and I wanted to get a few words out on the trial. Then I will go ahead dig in to the Michael Hamilton story a little more, and later expand further into looking at Amayra.

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