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Characters of the James Ray Trial: Amayra Hamilton Edition

Let us leave Michael Hamilton, and turn our attention to his wife Amayra Hamilton, who is originally from Holland. She advised Defense Attorney Luis Li that she ran a business for 10 years importing and exporting essential oils when he inquired about her previous business experience.

From the Angel Valley website here are some highlights:
• moved from Holland to Sedona in 1997 <<< Met Michael in Holland
• …in the early 1980’s…she began her study of spiritual psychotherapy. She learned color therapy and chakra balancing. She expanded…to the use of essential oils, massage and body/energy work and included sound healing…, using a variety of instruments…
• works with crystal skulls <<< Here is a link to a crystal skull essay featuring Amayra
• Mayan Calendar and Mayan Signatures…
• The death of her 28-year old son in 1999 was a life altering experience…She added grief guidance to the assistance she provides.
• a non-denominational ordained minister and performs weddings and commitment ceremonies.
• focus is to create and encourage heart connections, honoring the Divine feminine.

Additonal Modalities (also from the Angel Valley Website)
• Healing through Art
• Holistic Energy Work & Reiki
• Intuitive Coaching
• Tai Ji
• Vortex & Angel Walks

A February 16th NPR report (which Li harped on as the start of the trial but had been conducted earlier) yields this from Amayra regarding the decline in visitors to Sedona since the 2009 James Ray lodge.

"I think most of it all has to do with people being unsure what exactly happened," says Amayra Hamilton, who runs Angel Valley with her husband. "So there's uncertainty."

And here is some more Crystal Skull Discussion on New Age Fraud:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Smatterings of Writing on the James Ray Trial

Debbie Mercer:

… took the stand to tell her version of the horrific details of James Ray’s 2009 sweat lodge.

As she recounts, about 15 minutes after the ceremony, she ended up at the back of the lodge finding Kirby Brown and James Shore lying beside each other holding hands with their faces white and their lips blue. She made the discovery with her daughter Sara, who pointed out they were holding hands. Debbie said, “I know, we got to get them out of here.” They were able to get Kirby Brown out by each grabbing an arm, and needed help with James Shore who was larger.

With no cell phones on site (except JAR) she drove a golf cart home to get her husband Ted’s phone and call 911. She called back because the dispatcher advised her to call back if anything changed.

When asked why she took the pictures after one of the earlier lodges she advised to show her friend from Switzerland who wanted to see, ”what these crazy Americans are up to.”

(#1 … written 4/9/11 after reading LaVaughn’s Celestial Reflections Blog: James Ray Trial Day 26 … revised 4/24/11)

Sweaty Hauntings

Civility is getting thrown out the window in the most recent days of the trial. Allowing in the prior acts has certainly opened up the flow of the proceedings and the judge himself has stepped up and said he has had enough with all the finger pointing. Judge Darrow is ready to move on, so while Li can argue endlessly on points that are not even entirely clear, at least not to the uninitiated. Now we got Kelly becoming an objection machine. Ms. Polk is forced to be ever vigilant in how she phrases her questions because the defense contends she is leading the witnesses.
The defense has even gone so far to present their case for prosecutorial misconduct. The move towards a mistrial got squashed sot he defense wants to be heard by a higher court.

The judge is trying hard to remain calm, and stick to his naturally laid back demeanor but these days that is getting ever-more difficult.

(#2 …written 4/9/11 after reading Tom McFeeley’s Blog: Prior acts…)

Sacred Morph Channels

In my travels to unearth the most up to date info I came across this entry from March 24th on the miracles awake blog. This is a blog run by ACIM practitioner. As I read the entry which is couched in CIM jargon, which in itself is awash in the language of Christianity. What comes to mind as I read this alien sounding diatribe?
The post defines sin in a way that is unfamiliar to me. It states it is the sense of something being wrong. I feel that is a trait of the Miracles Course is that it carries its message using language that is very familiar to Christians even if the way it is presented falls from the state of traditional meaning. This is what is so dangerous to Christians I would believe it is the morphing of their religion onto a channeled new age concept. This sits about as well with the traditional Christians as I would think the Mormons do. Here you have a religion which very clearly prays to Jesus but points to a history that falls very far from the mark of their belief system.

Is this the same type of veracity we are seeing form the Native Americans who are so up at arms at the sacrilege associated with the cherry picking approach of these self-help or new age luminaries. The one difference I see is that the Christians are still in a control position within this American society, even if at the moment their brand may be losing a little market share to the modern day new age interlopers. The Native American population is another story. Here you have a remarkably sophisticated and sustainable culture decimated by greed and hate. The whites that landed on North America systematically destroyed the native populations they happened upon as they began to settle on this land, and you can be certain the newfound settlers were founding their unchecked hatred and brutality through Christian belief systems, albeit misguided, and an obvious distortion of teachings that in their essence talk of creating harmony not destruction.

(#3 written 4/9/11 after reading Reja CIM’s blog post ***looked for original post but appears is no longer available)

Crosstalk Crosswalk

I took a new gander over at the Droid trial updates and see he changed how things are done on his massive page which he takes credit for 20% of it. I wonder if that estimate comes from the number of comments or commenters? Either way, he is now reserving the main trial updates page for broad brush strokes and using the daily twitter rehash for the finer details to fill in as deemed appropriate.

The community is going full blaze in the comments sections and people are finding lots to discuss some of the recurring topics center around the criteria of a sociopath, the desecration of sacred rituals, and lack of training and understanding of the meaning and rituals associated with Native American Sweat Lodges.

People also exhaustively trash the defense, remarking about Li’s temper, Kelly’s bullying, and the machine gun-like rapid fire delivery of Do, or her pouting when things don’t go her way.

Then of course we are forced to go down many sidebars in such inane topics as fire ants, vegetarian food, rat poison, construction wood, and the list goes on…

(written 4/9/11 after perusing Salty Droid’s James Ray Trial Updates)

Lives Get Threatened Over at James Ray Website

A lot happens in 24 hours, and for Genaro that means going off the deep end. This morning I checked back in on things in Ray Land not expecting to see death threats. These threats are not to anyone in particular but more of an all out-off the deep end cry to the ether sort.

It all started like this, I decided to catch up on the Salty Droid comments and saw Bethann commented there is a "serious case of crazy" with the people posting on the James Ray Site. Jean D. advised they "are ALL Lee Kuan Major." Jamo added that he is "going off the deep end" on the JAR Site.

I subjected myself to a Lee Kuan exchange on Huffington Post from a year ago. He could have been talking to himself, staging the back and forth for god knows why. I managed a slight chuckle when he concluded his post with, “The truth is about to be known, Hold on to your potatoes, Dr Jones!”

He showed his ire to the Camp Verde Newspaper when he left this love note:

You obviously only want to read bad things about James Arthur Ray. That is why you will not post my comments.

It will come back around for you. James Arthur Ray is NOT the simple fool you seem to think he is.


From Lee Kuan we move back to the ranting of Genaro, who very well might be the same person anyway, right? At first we begin with a kindler gentler Genaro here from Beliefnet:

October 14, 2009 at 10:07 pm
Gossip is the way of things, and part of the tragedy is that judgments, without good information or personal witness to these deaths and injuries, fly about and are even propogated by this blog in the first place. Who among us was there? Who knows any detail at all much less all of the details. Refrain from gossip, be impeccable with your words, spread compassion and white magic, don’t make this personal by issuing forth your underinformed and overentitled opinions, make no assumtions…. Let us pray and not adjudicate, let us bring our higher selves, and know that it is likely that the organizers of this event are also in pain from such tragedy. Speak and think from love.

Beginning yesterday at 10:07 PM Genaro posting on the James Ray Site turned his rage on Angel Valley calling them scum and hoping something worse happens to them. 20 minutes later after an extended rant about waivers Genaro's rage turns to Easter Bunnies, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy, or at least the people that perpetuate such myths. A half hour later brings another post, followed by yet another 10 minutes after that. The volume is really turned up as his ire turns against the people that think he is secretly James Ray. He says James Ray is a nice guy and he is crazy like everyone say he is. BTW, I am convinced that Genaro is not a woman, because right now there is no way in my mind (like I said before, ulitmately I have no idea).

Anywho - this dude Genaro threatens to kill people with his bare hands, no joke. Ummm, admin? Where did admin go? There was an admin person over there removing comments, and moderating things because they wanted to keep things "positive"? Positive? Positively jarring, I don't care who that is, such behavior in my opinion is dangerous, and provides no benefit to anyone, so no matter where you see this trial I would suggest it be addressed, quickly.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Top 10 Attributes of a James Ray Comment Bomber

1. People are just jealous, and want to tear down James Ray because he is successful and charismatic. Alex Rodriguez of the NY Yankees made a similar point when he said, "I can't help that I'm a bright person...I can't pretend to play dumb and stupid...When people write [bad things] about me, I don't know if it's [because] I'm good-looking, I'm biracial, I make the most money, I play on the most popular team...."

2. Quick to mock and laugh at people’s beliefs. No qualms about using the outrageous to get attention. A Strong desire to be heard, and the idea that in order for a joke to be funny it needs to be insensitive and mean. Along with an excessive use of all caps

3. Lack of checking facts, whether it is about the trial, Native American culture, or Bible verse, you name it.

4. Lack of compassion for the people that died from the 2009 James Ray sweat lodge, and most anyone that is not James Ray for that matter. I guess here would also go all of the feigned my-heart-goes-out-to-the-families talk, in between people are ultimately responsible, the ever popular free will argument

5. Complete faith in the legality of waivers regardless of what happens after those waivers are signed.

6. Constant lobbing of rhetorical questions designed to get a “we all agree 100%” type response. In group think, sensitivity to group approval.

7. A bulldog sense of eradicating anything that goes against their beliefs.

8. An off the cuff tendency to make complex assumptions about how people in the legal profession need to be doing their jobs

9. Comment bombing, posting successively so it becomes a form of talking to oneself. The act of thinking the comments section has somehow become your very own personal blog.

10. Angel Valley duped James Ray and are the ones truly responsible. You could add here also the whole James Ray is just as upset as everyone else about what happened, and just wants to keep helping people.

Argument Breaks Out In James Ray Comment Thread (Go Figure)

I am going to look at another commenter real quick from the same stream and see if this 3rd individual can round out what is the overall vibe over on the James Ray Website. This person is posting under the name of “ford” on April 11th they begin with:

I’ve been reading all the great posts. It seems that everyone is in agreement: – All participants are responsible for themselves, the Angel Valley is responsible for the sweat lodge.

Yes it would seem that JAR is responsible for absolutely nothing!
Even the contract that people signed says so. (see below) Hell, he could have murdered them all and still not been responsible, go figure! Wow, a new way to kill and get off scott free!

So once again everyone is in complete agreement, or at least that is what they are telling each other, in their ever-perpetuating vacuum, how strange. Angel Valley is responsible and James Ray is not, as a matter of fact according to ford once that contract got signed James Ray could have murdered them all, scott free. This ford person quickly sounds like at the most a psychopath, and at the least an extremely insensitive individual.

The next day ford confirms his correctness and posts about being real excited that the defense filed for a mistrial, and he can’t wait to find out who they blame now that it is so clear James Ray isn’t responsible.

A new poster jumps in and also shows a deep affinity for ALL CAPS. His name is Keith and he tells ford the only reason why everyone is in agreement is because dissenting comments are being deleted. Now a supposed third poster comes into the fray with the ingenious screen name: To Keith, and he proves the existence of Keith’s comment staying in the stream as proof of being wrong (Ahh, such a mature argument stacking up). To Keith also mentions that Salty Droid deletes dissenting comments and what do you think of that smartypants, huh, huh.

But where did ford go? He arrives just in time to inject a little humor into the thread with this comment:

Sealing completely a sweat lodge with rubber would be not unlike sealing one’s self in a plastic bag. LOL. Just a bit of humour for the moment.

He goes on to express his opinion that the contract should have been clearer about the possibilities of death but that doesn’t negate the responsibility of the participants while following a “fake God”, as ford refers to James Ray.

We end this exchange with our 4th participant Patricia (now 6th person in total) who has something to say to both ford, and Keith, because they need to get a grip on some constitutional law baby. I repeat her response made to Keith (as opposed to made to To Keith) to show everyone how Patricia truly feels, and of course we got to have some ALL CAPS loving in the process:

You just can’t seem to get this through your twisted head:

James Arthur Ray DID NOT kill those people. THEY chose to go into the sweat lodge and THEY chose not to leave until it was too late for them. It was THEIR CHOICE, not Mr Rays!!!!!!!

Okay Patricia, I think it is clear how you feel about things thank you very much.

Characters of the James Ray Trial: No Apologies, You Know Who Is Guilty

I decided to look at additional comments from the same page and went further back to a comment from Sarah Lansing on April 9, 2011 at 12:02 pm who tells us “not to lose sight” of what the James Ray trial sums up to. To Sarah it all boils down to waivers. She feels if the people signed the waivers then they are liable for anything that happened. As a matter of fact this is what they paid big money for. She says if you do your research you will learn that is what it takes to get the altered states of vision questing without tripping hard.

Sarah like Genaro is a big fan of the ALL CAPS thing and uses it freely to provide emphasis. Along the way she concludes that most of the people in the lodge were hunky-dory, and we need to keep this in mind. Sarah finishes off her post on James Ray’s website with this:

This is all that matters. With that much testimony in favor of Mr Ray the jury will know that Mr Ray did not conduct the sweat lodge in a reckless manner and there are no grounds to break those ironclad liability waivers the people signed promising to take full responsibility for their actions should they participate in the activities of the workshop. Mr Ray is…NOT GUILTY of manslaughter. Those people who suffered and died are guilty of refusing to have the good sense to listen to their bodies and get out of the sweat lodge when they had reached their limit, like that one lady did.


It is oh so very clear cut for Sarah with the iron clad waivers, and the clearly non-reckless behavior of James Ray. I’m not sure what trial she is watching if she is not witnessing anything reckless about the way Ray conducted his lodges. She tells us that the victims are guilty, not Ray. That they needed to listen to their bodies, and that without that common sense in play, they are guilty as charged with whatever Ray concocts, once the waivers are signed of course.

I am going to look at a few more comments, and then brainstorm a Top 10 from their perspective as I am seeing it. I’m truly curious about whats bubbling up from that camp right now.

Characters of the James Ray Trial: Genaro Interprets God From a Legal Perspective

3 short hours after the last post Genaro goes into a long exposition on waivers, and what makes them legally binding, and asks for some assistance from the audience. I guess that would be me, but I don’t dare add anything. I won’t post on the James Ray website because I won’t waste my time posting where my comment is going to be deleted.

After discussion of the waivers Genaro touches on the differences between Native American beliefs and the white man’s laws. Here once again is Genaro in her own words:

“It is famous that among ancient Native Americans a man’s word is supposed to be a binding contract and no signed papers are needed. If a man promises to take full responsibility for his actions at some sort of Native American event and is injured that is HIS problem. He promised to take full responsibility for his actions and that is that. Among the white man a person’s word is not good enough. Among the white man you need a legally binding, signed document in order to enforce any promises made between agreed parties.”

What I get from this is that Native American’s believe one takes personal responsibility for their actions, and this seems to be the core of what Genaro is harping on, the whole responsibility argument, with asterisks, ALL CAPS, and the rest of it designed to get your attention.

Genaro then takes her focus from the waivers and their legal significance into social contracts made before God. It is a sharp segue indeed and continues like this. If you get married before God it is sacred, and then the divorce attorneys show up and tell God to back off, that this can be taken care of through the courts system. The remedy Genaro proposes is turning these sacred vows into legal documents that people must adhere to regardless of the insisting of pesky divorce attorneys messing up God’s laws.

It is at this point that Genaro makes it clear that the legal system is a vile corrupt entity. And in her own words sum things up in the following way:

"I believe the Bible teaches that it is better not to vow than to make a vow to God and break it. I believe Jesus taught that to let your ‘yes’ be yes and your ‘no’ be no. All else comes of evil. In other words: DON’T PROMISE ANYONE ANYTHING!!"

Characters of the James Ray Trial: Genaro the Perpetual Ranter

It appears as we follow this long post now that Genaro is done joking around about handcuffing attorneys, smacking around witnesses, and exposing the jealousies of the bald, and is ready to get serious about personal responsibility. We begin with Genaro’s own words and the innocent inquiries to the devious Mr. Hamilton:

When asked, by the defense, just what he meant by “being responsible for your own creations” Mr Hamilton gave the jury a round about explanation that led to more confusion rather than clarity. The defense should have asked: ‘When you state for people to be responsible for their own creations are your referring their actions while they are on your property?’ That may have cleared the matter up, if Mr Hamilton did not use this as another opportunity to give another one of his indirect, roundabout answers. From what I remember, the defense finally gave up trying to get Mr Hamilton to clarify just what he meant because I sure don’t remember the matter being cleared up. The defense should have continued to pressure Mr Hamilton until he finally gave a VERY CLEAR and precise understanding of just exactly what he meant.

This is a really funny aspect of Genaro’s approach, advice for the defense, or how I would do it approach. It makes you wonder what is the occupation or hobby of Genaro because giving legal advice to high-paid attorneys is pretty ballsy if you ask me. I’m glad we in internet-land have such vast resources from James Ray commenters telling us how our legal servants could improve their trial performance, once again truly brilliant stuff. Genaro goes into the waiver’s and uses it to compare Michael Hamilton to an idiot without actually going as far to call him an idiot himself, in Genaro’s eyes he is just jealous and dumb, but won’t go so far to say he is an idiot.

We get to the actual point further down the line, and if we dare miss it there is no worries because it is pointed out in ALL CAPS. Yes, I mean a prolific commenter must know the skilled usage of all caps. Did Genaro learn this technique from just posting on James Ray’s site or also from countless hours spent on Conspiracy Websites (I notice a similarity of technique. Okay so maybe it is just me that hangs around those websites, and Genaro’s stylistic flourishes are merely coincidence. Anything is possible, or at least that is what some want you to believe.)

So Genaro’s kicker is that Michael Hamilton is irresponsible for creating a death trap on his property. She wants to know what precautions he took after 2008 and on the fateful day of 2009 from James Ray inflicting the damage he eventually did. I lose Genaro’s point here but hopefully more will be elucidated so I read further. Unfortunately Genaro leaves it as an open question and moves on, where to you ask? Well to the Archangel Michael thing of course. This seems to be one of the most important things for Genaro right now and it just won’t stop rattling in her head alongside the persistently clear and loud voice of that hateful prosecutor Polk. The insanity of the Michael’s and their angelic relationship needs to be openly admitted by the judge and all the attorneys for the sake of decency everywhere, or else we will be run amok by these David Koresh types. Yes, that’s right Genaro brought up Koresh, and once again wants agreement. Genaro's rhetorical question technique that may have been honed watching her peeps the James Ray defense team, or did they learn it from her?

Here is the rest of the Genaro post to give y'all the lovely context...

Mr Hamilton didn’t want to openly admit it, but he made it quite clear that he didn’t understand the full extent of the legal implications of the liability waivers he had people sign before staying on his property and using his facilities. You know what that’s like? It’s like an idiot who doesn’t bother to ask the doctor what exactly the medication is the doctor is prescribing for him. It seems to me that it is Mr Hamilton’s VERY IMPORTANT responsibility to know and understand EVERYTHING that is in the liability waivers he has people sign before they conduct or participate in activities while on his property. Apparently, Mr Hamilton has people sign legal documents when he barely understands just what those legal documents actually mean and imply. How dumb it that for a businessman running a spiritual retreat?

Then if some guy says he is an expert in building sweat lodges Mr Hamilton will hire the guy without checking up on him to make absolutely certain the guy is indeed an expert in building sweat lodges. Mr Hamilton just blindly trusts the guy to be an expert and doesn’t even bother to oversee and fully understand just what the guy is doing on HIS PROPERTY. What does that tell you? That Mr Hamilton cares whether or not someone builds a death trap sweat lodge on HIS property? I don’t think so. Only a fool would blindly trust that some guy is an expert sweat lodge builder before allowing him to build a sweat lodge on his property. So far it seems that Mr Hamilton is indeed such a fool. He doesn’t check whether or not the guy is telling the truth before he hires the guy to build a sweat lodge on HIS property and he doesn’t even bother to check up on the guy to make certain he is doing a good job. That may sound normal to you, but considering what happened in the Sedona sweat lodge in 2009 it sound RECKLESS and IRRESPONSIBLE to me!

Mr Hamilton already had enough warning from the 2008 sweat lodge event that he should be personally involved in the James Arthur Ray 2009 workshop in order to protect himself and his Angel Valley retreat. Apparently, he had more important things to do for those two hours the sweat lodge was being used.

What special precautions did he take to make certain Mr Ray did not ‘do it again’? I’d like to know!

On that deadly day, what exactly was more important, during the two hours of the sweat lodge ceremony, than making certain Mr Ray did not ‘do it again’? I’d like to know!

Well, it seems that no one is going to follow up on Mr Hamilton’s claim that he had a vision of, apparently, Archangel Michael and that’s why he named the property Angel Valley. It seems to me that this is a matter both the defense, the prosecution and the judge can all agree upon: It is officially CRAZY to think that the Biblical Archangel Michael can appear to an individual and tell him or her what to do and then they go ahead and do it. That’s officially a David Koresh kind of minister, right? They will indeed all agree with this ON CAMERA. They had better or their credibility as sane individuals will be in very real danger!

Debbie Mercer said she exaggerated when she told investigators that 40 people had suffered extremely adverse reactions at prior James Arthur Ray sweat lodges? No she did not “exaggerate” SHE OUT AND OUT LIED!!! And get this: According to Mr Hamilton’s testimony today no one of his hired staff had told him that there was any problem with the James Arthur Ray sweat lodges before the 2009 event. At least that is what I remember. So, how dire could the circumstances at the 2007 and 2009 sweat lodges have been, eh?

Fawn Foster (that’s her name, right) obviously LIED when she said that Mr Ray claimed to be the Alpha Omega and God. I’m willing to bet my pet pink gorilla on this one. Why, because if this were true it would have been all over the Internet since the accident happened.

And we all know it was indeed an “accident”. People who didn’t have the faith to access the miraculous to protect themselves stayed in the sweat lodge when they should have been asking for help. It was THEIR decision and choice. NOT Mr Ray’s.