Saturday, April 23, 2011

Argument Breaks Out In James Ray Comment Thread (Go Figure)

I am going to look at another commenter real quick from the same stream and see if this 3rd individual can round out what is the overall vibe over on the James Ray Website. This person is posting under the name of “ford” on April 11th they begin with:

I’ve been reading all the great posts. It seems that everyone is in agreement: – All participants are responsible for themselves, the Angel Valley is responsible for the sweat lodge.

Yes it would seem that JAR is responsible for absolutely nothing!
Even the contract that people signed says so. (see below) Hell, he could have murdered them all and still not been responsible, go figure! Wow, a new way to kill and get off scott free!

So once again everyone is in complete agreement, or at least that is what they are telling each other, in their ever-perpetuating vacuum, how strange. Angel Valley is responsible and James Ray is not, as a matter of fact according to ford once that contract got signed James Ray could have murdered them all, scott free. This ford person quickly sounds like at the most a psychopath, and at the least an extremely insensitive individual.

The next day ford confirms his correctness and posts about being real excited that the defense filed for a mistrial, and he can’t wait to find out who they blame now that it is so clear James Ray isn’t responsible.

A new poster jumps in and also shows a deep affinity for ALL CAPS. His name is Keith and he tells ford the only reason why everyone is in agreement is because dissenting comments are being deleted. Now a supposed third poster comes into the fray with the ingenious screen name: To Keith, and he proves the existence of Keith’s comment staying in the stream as proof of being wrong (Ahh, such a mature argument stacking up). To Keith also mentions that Salty Droid deletes dissenting comments and what do you think of that smartypants, huh, huh.

But where did ford go? He arrives just in time to inject a little humor into the thread with this comment:

Sealing completely a sweat lodge with rubber would be not unlike sealing one’s self in a plastic bag. LOL. Just a bit of humour for the moment.

He goes on to express his opinion that the contract should have been clearer about the possibilities of death but that doesn’t negate the responsibility of the participants while following a “fake God”, as ford refers to James Ray.

We end this exchange with our 4th participant Patricia (now 6th person in total) who has something to say to both ford, and Keith, because they need to get a grip on some constitutional law baby. I repeat her response made to Keith (as opposed to made to To Keith) to show everyone how Patricia truly feels, and of course we got to have some ALL CAPS loving in the process:

You just can’t seem to get this through your twisted head:

James Arthur Ray DID NOT kill those people. THEY chose to go into the sweat lodge and THEY chose not to leave until it was too late for them. It was THEIR CHOICE, not Mr Rays!!!!!!!

Okay Patricia, I think it is clear how you feel about things thank you very much.

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