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Characters of the James Ray Trial: Genaro the Perpetual Ranter

It appears as we follow this long post now that Genaro is done joking around about handcuffing attorneys, smacking around witnesses, and exposing the jealousies of the bald, and is ready to get serious about personal responsibility. We begin with Genaro’s own words and the innocent inquiries to the devious Mr. Hamilton:

When asked, by the defense, just what he meant by “being responsible for your own creations” Mr Hamilton gave the jury a round about explanation that led to more confusion rather than clarity. The defense should have asked: ‘When you state for people to be responsible for their own creations are your referring their actions while they are on your property?’ That may have cleared the matter up, if Mr Hamilton did not use this as another opportunity to give another one of his indirect, roundabout answers. From what I remember, the defense finally gave up trying to get Mr Hamilton to clarify just what he meant because I sure don’t remember the matter being cleared up. The defense should have continued to pressure Mr Hamilton until he finally gave a VERY CLEAR and precise understanding of just exactly what he meant.

This is a really funny aspect of Genaro’s approach, advice for the defense, or how I would do it approach. It makes you wonder what is the occupation or hobby of Genaro because giving legal advice to high-paid attorneys is pretty ballsy if you ask me. I’m glad we in internet-land have such vast resources from James Ray commenters telling us how our legal servants could improve their trial performance, once again truly brilliant stuff. Genaro goes into the waiver’s and uses it to compare Michael Hamilton to an idiot without actually going as far to call him an idiot himself, in Genaro’s eyes he is just jealous and dumb, but won’t go so far to say he is an idiot.

We get to the actual point further down the line, and if we dare miss it there is no worries because it is pointed out in ALL CAPS. Yes, I mean a prolific commenter must know the skilled usage of all caps. Did Genaro learn this technique from just posting on James Ray’s site or also from countless hours spent on Conspiracy Websites (I notice a similarity of technique. Okay so maybe it is just me that hangs around those websites, and Genaro’s stylistic flourishes are merely coincidence. Anything is possible, or at least that is what some want you to believe.)

So Genaro’s kicker is that Michael Hamilton is irresponsible for creating a death trap on his property. She wants to know what precautions he took after 2008 and on the fateful day of 2009 from James Ray inflicting the damage he eventually did. I lose Genaro’s point here but hopefully more will be elucidated so I read further. Unfortunately Genaro leaves it as an open question and moves on, where to you ask? Well to the Archangel Michael thing of course. This seems to be one of the most important things for Genaro right now and it just won’t stop rattling in her head alongside the persistently clear and loud voice of that hateful prosecutor Polk. The insanity of the Michael’s and their angelic relationship needs to be openly admitted by the judge and all the attorneys for the sake of decency everywhere, or else we will be run amok by these David Koresh types. Yes, that’s right Genaro brought up Koresh, and once again wants agreement. Genaro's rhetorical question technique that may have been honed watching her peeps the James Ray defense team, or did they learn it from her?

Here is the rest of the Genaro post to give y'all the lovely context...

Mr Hamilton didn’t want to openly admit it, but he made it quite clear that he didn’t understand the full extent of the legal implications of the liability waivers he had people sign before staying on his property and using his facilities. You know what that’s like? It’s like an idiot who doesn’t bother to ask the doctor what exactly the medication is the doctor is prescribing for him. It seems to me that it is Mr Hamilton’s VERY IMPORTANT responsibility to know and understand EVERYTHING that is in the liability waivers he has people sign before they conduct or participate in activities while on his property. Apparently, Mr Hamilton has people sign legal documents when he barely understands just what those legal documents actually mean and imply. How dumb it that for a businessman running a spiritual retreat?

Then if some guy says he is an expert in building sweat lodges Mr Hamilton will hire the guy without checking up on him to make absolutely certain the guy is indeed an expert in building sweat lodges. Mr Hamilton just blindly trusts the guy to be an expert and doesn’t even bother to oversee and fully understand just what the guy is doing on HIS PROPERTY. What does that tell you? That Mr Hamilton cares whether or not someone builds a death trap sweat lodge on HIS property? I don’t think so. Only a fool would blindly trust that some guy is an expert sweat lodge builder before allowing him to build a sweat lodge on his property. So far it seems that Mr Hamilton is indeed such a fool. He doesn’t check whether or not the guy is telling the truth before he hires the guy to build a sweat lodge on HIS property and he doesn’t even bother to check up on the guy to make certain he is doing a good job. That may sound normal to you, but considering what happened in the Sedona sweat lodge in 2009 it sound RECKLESS and IRRESPONSIBLE to me!

Mr Hamilton already had enough warning from the 2008 sweat lodge event that he should be personally involved in the James Arthur Ray 2009 workshop in order to protect himself and his Angel Valley retreat. Apparently, he had more important things to do for those two hours the sweat lodge was being used.

What special precautions did he take to make certain Mr Ray did not ‘do it again’? I’d like to know!

On that deadly day, what exactly was more important, during the two hours of the sweat lodge ceremony, than making certain Mr Ray did not ‘do it again’? I’d like to know!

Well, it seems that no one is going to follow up on Mr Hamilton’s claim that he had a vision of, apparently, Archangel Michael and that’s why he named the property Angel Valley. It seems to me that this is a matter both the defense, the prosecution and the judge can all agree upon: It is officially CRAZY to think that the Biblical Archangel Michael can appear to an individual and tell him or her what to do and then they go ahead and do it. That’s officially a David Koresh kind of minister, right? They will indeed all agree with this ON CAMERA. They had better or their credibility as sane individuals will be in very real danger!

Debbie Mercer said she exaggerated when she told investigators that 40 people had suffered extremely adverse reactions at prior James Arthur Ray sweat lodges? No she did not “exaggerate” SHE OUT AND OUT LIED!!! And get this: According to Mr Hamilton’s testimony today no one of his hired staff had told him that there was any problem with the James Arthur Ray sweat lodges before the 2009 event. At least that is what I remember. So, how dire could the circumstances at the 2007 and 2009 sweat lodges have been, eh?

Fawn Foster (that’s her name, right) obviously LIED when she said that Mr Ray claimed to be the Alpha Omega and God. I’m willing to bet my pet pink gorilla on this one. Why, because if this were true it would have been all over the Internet since the accident happened.

And we all know it was indeed an “accident”. People who didn’t have the faith to access the miraculous to protect themselves stayed in the sweat lodge when they should have been asking for help. It was THEIR decision and choice. NOT Mr Ray’s.

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