Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lives Get Threatened Over at James Ray Website

A lot happens in 24 hours, and for Genaro that means going off the deep end. This morning I checked back in on things in Ray Land not expecting to see death threats. These threats are not to anyone in particular but more of an all out-off the deep end cry to the ether sort.

It all started like this, I decided to catch up on the Salty Droid comments and saw Bethann commented there is a "serious case of crazy" with the people posting on the James Ray Site. Jean D. advised they "are ALL Lee Kuan Major." Jamo added that he is "going off the deep end" on the JAR Site.

I subjected myself to a Lee Kuan exchange on Huffington Post from a year ago. He could have been talking to himself, staging the back and forth for god knows why. I managed a slight chuckle when he concluded his post with, “The truth is about to be known, Hold on to your potatoes, Dr Jones!”

He showed his ire to the Camp Verde Newspaper when he left this love note:

You obviously only want to read bad things about James Arthur Ray. That is why you will not post my comments.

It will come back around for you. James Arthur Ray is NOT the simple fool you seem to think he is.


From Lee Kuan we move back to the ranting of Genaro, who very well might be the same person anyway, right? At first we begin with a kindler gentler Genaro here from Beliefnet:

October 14, 2009 at 10:07 pm
Gossip is the way of things, and part of the tragedy is that judgments, without good information or personal witness to these deaths and injuries, fly about and are even propogated by this blog in the first place. Who among us was there? Who knows any detail at all much less all of the details. Refrain from gossip, be impeccable with your words, spread compassion and white magic, don’t make this personal by issuing forth your underinformed and overentitled opinions, make no assumtions…. Let us pray and not adjudicate, let us bring our higher selves, and know that it is likely that the organizers of this event are also in pain from such tragedy. Speak and think from love.

Beginning yesterday at 10:07 PM Genaro posting on the James Ray Site turned his rage on Angel Valley calling them scum and hoping something worse happens to them. 20 minutes later after an extended rant about waivers Genaro's rage turns to Easter Bunnies, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy, or at least the people that perpetuate such myths. A half hour later brings another post, followed by yet another 10 minutes after that. The volume is really turned up as his ire turns against the people that think he is secretly James Ray. He says James Ray is a nice guy and he is crazy like everyone say he is. BTW, I am convinced that Genaro is not a woman, because right now there is no way in my mind (like I said before, ulitmately I have no idea).

Anywho - this dude Genaro threatens to kill people with his bare hands, no joke. Ummm, admin? Where did admin go? There was an admin person over there removing comments, and moderating things because they wanted to keep things "positive"? Positive? Positively jarring, I don't care who that is, such behavior in my opinion is dangerous, and provides no benefit to anyone, so no matter where you see this trial I would suggest it be addressed, quickly.


  1. I've been on the receiving end of a few Lee Kuan rants. He's obviously one extremely disturbed individual.

    I've seen him take over and basically shut down opinion sections on various web sites. It's difficult to keep him from posting. When he gets blocked from a site he simply signs up again under an other name.

    Death threats are something new and need to be addressed and REMOVED. The question is how do you keep these idiots from posting?

  2. First of all thanks for posting. I am glad you took the time to drop a word or two.

    Secondly, I don't know the quick answer to such anger causing tendencies, and the exact antidote. Not to be one to drop a problem on the lap of the world and not do a little mental sifting about the thing I'll put together a post about some of the ideas that come to light in my thinkin' about this conun-No Fun-drum.

  3. Thank You very much for posting this thread. There are many of us who just want to follow the trial and see what others think about the proceedings but, as you said, thread after thread is filled with LK and his rantings under whatever name he chooses to use that day. One thing I find very strange is when he posts a comment under one name and then answers himself using yet another nick, having conversations with himself and dominating the threads. Sadly, if and when JAR does get convicted, LK will not end his rants but continue on about the injustice of it all.