Monday, April 27, 2009

When pigs fly, and when the swine flu

I am unable to watch videos on youtube for some reason. I updated my flash and checked my Java settings. What is going on? I'm not a techy so i am lost. I realized my embedded video worked here so let me try that with the new FeverIam drop

And if you came from my twitter post let me know with a comment so I can confirm I'm not talking to myself as I've been known to do, lol.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Does Twitter mean you have no REAL LIFE?

This video made me laugh several times striking a chord with me as I twiddle away time like I secretly have it to burn.

I saw a lot of blogging on this video so I am curious what people have to say about it. Here is one of the better ones:

Swine Flu Spreads Across the US

The Swine flu has been moving across the United States via Mexico with lightning speed. In parts of Asia I heard they were checking people's temperatures as they got off the plane.

This story is from CNN about 8 students in NY who may have the Swine Flu.

On Twitter the tweets are going crazy as I see on my TwitScoop cloud. Declares Emergency, floats ominously in the center of the billow.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Terry Gilliam

I am such a big fan of this man's work. He is beyond the funniness he exudes but is deeper into the psyche. What a king of his method.

"There is always somebody out there who is foolish enough to give me money."

This a piece from the unfinished Don Quixote movie with Johnny Depp.

Here is the Documentary about the making of Brazil:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twitter Unprofitable?

I recently started using twitter and found this article while fishing around there:

Basically twitter is a pain in the ass to monetize and they can't find the solution.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Neighborhood Informers

On his blog FeverIAm uncovers this Border incident via the following vid:

KDenninger's latest vid tells us to look past party lines in evaluating Tea Parties.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pay Attention!!! Whats Going Around

Around the horn we go. What is on the antenna waves today. Once you have subbed to a billion people you are instantly broadcasting lots of different frequencies. Lets explore a few of them as they show themselves.

Youtube User: demcad (all caps) Reginald

I am a little shaken by the lack of tact seen by the media folks in his clips. T-bagging? How juvenile have we become? The key is that the Commercial Real Estate Collapse could be a really big domino.

Lets keep this random flow going and see what else is voicing. The Young Turks got a vid about Representative Kirk saying people are so angry they are ready to shoot people.

I must say this no censoring my subs as they come out of the gate is a little unnervy but maybe thats what this blog needs is a little random power and less cute diminutive curating all of the time.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Media, Lies, And Pirates

Here are some other ways of looking at the Pirate Showdown with the US in Somalian waters.

Read this article about Pirates that I found by recommendation of this video by Adam Hintz

Sunday, April 12, 2009

America's Underemployed Become Our UnderInsured

The rising unemployment and flimsy insurance coverage is putting thousands of American's lives at risk as they are unable to pay for Healthcare. Regardless of the technological advances we make it becomes prohibitive to the common man.

This Journeyman Pictures installment disabled their embedding so follow this link to watch the 20 minute Documentary focusing on first the Texas Hospital system and then the system at large.

Moldova's Twitter Fueled Revolution

Social Networking sites are taking on new roles as people use their lightning quick ability to relay information. Linked below is a Wired article about how it is shaping up in Moldova.

Be Smart!

Affirmations are stated in the positive. Don't be stupid becomes Be smart. And this is how I've turned the thoughts of Market Ticker's latest post into the affirmative so Pay Attention!!!

The bulls are running wild temporarily and there are little fundamentals to back it up. Parties on the Titanic are not my cup of tea but Tea Parties seem to be for some folks lately.

The party atmosphere you see around this false bubble is going to sweep the table of cash and leave the retail investor holding bloated shares with no value acording to K-Den. Tax season will hit the market hard and though we can't predict the exact market on any given day Denninger warns us to keep a hand near the "Sell button."

Ridng waves on the Titanic can make a little recovery cash but you can't build your flimsy house of cards on the winds of tsunami. Be ready! Be smart!

Money Can't Make You Live Forever

The human urge for immortality is seen in the creation of monuments strewn among our planet. By taking the physical materials of brick and mortar the Eternalist fashions their record of existence for the generations to come. Fame, I want to live forever is how the movie said it, and so goes it with the names of philanthropists, saints and scholars that have paraded through history. Ernest Becker in Escape from Evil, his sequel to Denial of Death asserts that Money has taken over as the new God. As our cultures adapted from its primitive forms the loss of ritual became replaced from the power of churches out into the hands of the secular via coinage. As royalty developed out of these early cultures the common men began to imitate the Kingly desire to collect:

silks, courtesans, fine swords, horses, and monuments, city palaces, and country estates - all the things that can be bought with gold.

Not only do we pass on our life's work through our children but also through the things we leave behind and this is how money has replaced religion. As money filled the vacuum of the lost rituals of early man churches began to harness the power of money as churches became the first banks, priests the first bankers, and Juno Moneta in Rome the first mint. This flow of power justified with God-like powers held sway over the secular world as counterfeiting became a sin equal with sacrilege.

The temple's became clearinghouses for all the materials that can be bought by gold, and now backed by the apparent Divine authority of the Church you can now carry God with you home, thus secularizing society. Money set a trend where the material world becomes king and the invisible world is denied. What you can't see doesn't exist and there lies the great repression. This is the concept of sin, as the arising of guilt from the separation from the power and protection of the Gods, and the creeping in of uncertainty and doubt.

The failures of any system such as Religion, or Economic structures as the end all solution to the predicament of the human condition to bind time and satisfy our actual experience blows up in our face as we attempt to fashion a meaningful role in the passage of our life.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

G20 Cop Sidelined Pending Investigation

The Guardian has released info stating that the now embattled cop appearing in the video assaulting newspaper vendor Ian Tomlinson shortly before his death has not been interviewed yet by the investigators. Officials say that the investigation is going on properly despite people questioning their handling. In the video attached to the article you can see a ring around the fallen Tomlinson as protesters look on. Family members of the fallen man want answers and the lack of them is the reason cited by the man who released one of the original videos to surface. A second autopsy may reveal more information as to the assault. This story sure is fluid as details seem to be sprouting everywhere. The early official story has changed dramatically

Here is a heartwrenching personal profile of a man who endured a hard life on the streets away from his family as he wanted to regain his foothold on normalcy.

Here are the final words his good friend and employer heard before he set out to his demise (taken from the above linked article)

At 7pm, I had run out of papers so I told him to go home," said Mr Smith.

"His last words to me were: 'see you tomorrow Barry, if I'm still living and breathing'.

"It tears me apart thinking about that now."

G20 Protest Death Clearly Caused By Police

As always FeverIam assists my websearch for pertinent information again with his quick videoblasts regarding the unsettling death of Ian Tomlinson at the hands of police. There seems to be a lot of blame to go around as the handling of the case brings up more questions than one can reasonably answer. The senselessness is
awe-full an creates a gaping jaw for me.

Here are the vids:

The Telegraph article:

Original Guardian Video:

And the FeverIam posts:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I'm Watching

I've been silent for almost a week as I've not found the mindset to properly write on the happenings around and about. I decided to break the trend and rather than wait for inspirations I've decided to just tell y'all what I'm watching. It begins with a re-education vid by VotersThinkDotOrg. I subbed to them knowing they provided clips similar to CSpan Junkie. They are obviously of the Republican ilk which ventures me to ask the question am I becoming a Conservative as I get older? Hmmm, from a Progressive to a Conservative maybe not yet but there is definitely a shift in my thoughts as I grow older. I partially blame Robert Anton Wilson for his constant challenge of reality tunnels in the book Prometheus Rising.

Anyway here is the vid about the Americorps may be brainwashing our youth.

Here is a DPRJones offering which has been mirrored off the Thunderf00t channel it appears. I must admit I do watch T-f00t and find his intellect worth listening to but I sense his angry adversarial way off-putting. I try to keep my personal asides in check although I know that he doesn't always play fair and thus leaves himself vulnerable to attack by someone who can passively counter his mudslings which at times fall below the belt despite his insistings of debating prowess. This vid is about VenomFangX making money for some kids hospital which appears to be a way to enrich himself. Profiting from vidmaking seems to be a sore point for Mr. T-f00t considering it was a big part of his debate recently with HowTheWorldWorks.

This is a vid from George4Title who I must admit I find his constant advertising for his hyperinflation site annoying. It covers unrest in Moldova.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Capitalism is Dead!

Today I met my teacher Father Maximus Gregorios and he had an important current events bulleting he had received from a "person in the know" which is that Captialism is Dead. He also signalled the end of organized religion and democracy as over, finito. Then in a sychronious moment I had this video in my Youtube Subscription Box marking the very same statement. Take a look and listen and tell me what you think.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Libraries Are Becoming Homeless Shelters

I've always seen libraries here in NYC harbor homeless people during the day but this article leads one to believe it will only get worse. The Borders near my job where I go to read always has people taking naps, carrying 8 assorted bags, and eating sandwiches hunched over. I'm sure they do a massive job corraling these people out of the store but folks always seem to be hanging around. Not that I should talk, although I bring only myself into the premises. Take a look at this article from the NY Times that looks into the taxing of the library system with people in need.

Global Currency

Although the Russian and Chinese proposals are devastating to the American's as they look at moving away from the US Dollar as the reserve currency one must see the logic here. People on CNN kept saying that they don't see the change happening but I wonder if that is just wishful thinking and being caught in not being able to see a shifting future. The changes that are happening are sweeping and many of the talking heads either can't grasp it or are not allowed to express their true feelings. Approaching my middle age I have been telling people for years that we are going to see big things in our lifetime (and I don't mean good things). Now that everything is coming on us so quick I must admit developments have arisen at an alarming rate. I wonder about all of the people who are relying solely on mainstream media to make their analyses. I am thankful for poeple such as VisonVictory for bringing angles not seen on the Boob Tube.