Monday, April 4, 2011

Eyes on Now Recap

The Eyes On Now blog reawakened itself and following the advice of my guru, I mean wife I am riding the momentum, keeping the irons hot and exploring whatever circulates. Does that sound too New-Agey, you know the whole transfer of energy thing? I am a mystic too! No one should have a monopoly on the thing (just ask Tallkat). If Salty Droid can have Archangel Karl, and everyone else claims Archangel Michael (see Elizabeth Claire Prophet, boy she did wonders for the desert lifestyle didn't she?)

Anyway I digress, actually I keep digressing, and then you know what I ride the "energy' wherever it wants to go a la James Ray. Then like a well-trained Buddhist I go back to the object of my attention, in this case the James Ray trial. When you read the social media experts (and I mean who doesn't!!!), they tell you to follow the feedback loops and go where the conversation goes, follow the conversation! I certainly haven't mastered such subtle techniques but I do know how to read a chart, and guess what this James Ray thing is hot!!! So much so that people who are not interested just don't get it. That is one of my warning signs that something is hot!!! -Disinterest actively acknowledged. That is right up there with stirred-up controversy.

One lovely individual who has offered some amazing blog entries (LaVaughn) complimented me on my first piece about the James Ray fiasco. This caused me to feel good :)

Another only slightly less-lovely individual, the Salty Droid is impossible not to read regardless of how you feel about him. This is his special lure, as the guy you love to hate, like Ice Cube. It is that effect described in the Howard Stern movie Private Parts where the programmers realized the people that hated Stern spent more time listening to his show. I am not Droid, this guy is an individual snowflake of a specimen and trying to mimic this cross between Ralph Nader and Jesse Ventura (well not exactly but it begins to create context for all the newbies, oh yeah that's right I'm a newby too. As evidenced by this murky entry I may have to reposition myself as an expert, I wonder what the best course for that would be? Or maybe I should start one on my own. Get on the ground floor so to speak) Where am I going with this?

Regroup - time to shake it off, wait a minute that is when you get plunked by a baseball or doing the Tallkat dance. I need a body guru too. Oh man, I'm rambling big time but you know what, you poor people are always getting this sanitized laundry-list wannabe way of relating so here take a gander at this train-wreck prose for your rubber-necking return to the object of your meditation - James Ray...

So as I said in my first Ray entry I spent a week with my mouth shut-up just like Tallkat says that Little Grandmother needs to do. Then after a week, sorry not decades like Tallkat thinks that Little Grandmother needs to be quiet for. Oh btw now that I made mention of everyone's favorite thirty-something Shaman Grandma here is what I found on Indian Country TV while I went-a searching for the Connie Joy Interview...

Okay breathe in - breathe out - James Ray...

Of course the reason I got off on the whole Little Grandmother tangent is that Tallkat went on a fake-guru rant about James Arthur Ray in mid-February, and then it showed up again April 1st, I am not fooling you but she might be, because I found out that when she is not blasting those fake guru types she is talking to dead people as you see in an earlier entry. She begins her session of "Seeing Dead People" a la John Edwards ala mode by "seeing" the host's mother, and a little animal though it not clear to anyone else what she is referring to (did his mother keep secrets from her son? - possibly but now Tallkat is uncovering the mystery pet), anyway they move on. I am thinking when you are seeing dead people and the information you receive doesn't come with a hook attached to it, then it is best to move on. Anyway this guy's mom has been following Tallkat around for days, and guess what she is, the dead mom that is, fascinated by all of the radio equipment taking over her former bedroom turned radio studio. If that is not fantastic enough Mom is in the spirit world studying gender issues! I am so glad that the elderly have a chance to explore gender in the afterlife, and that us trapped here on earth find out about it because of powerful seers like Tallkat. She loves us living people too, some may say even more than Dr. Lyon!


So there is this new cast of characters coming into focus for the Eyes on Now blog helmster and I thought I would take a moment and tie it all to feather for you. Not even close, I know but can't you give me some false reassurance, I crave that sort of thing, just like White Castle at 4am on a Saturday night, I love me some grease, again I digress. Let me set this ramble aside and get to some real reporting because this is turning into quite an amusement park ride for yours truly.

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