Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Officer Powertrip Becomes Humbled

When Ryan Moats tried to get to his dying mother-in-law's side he was treated to a verbal lashing by a bugged out cop. What could be going through officer Powell's mind as he lambasted the NFL player for running the red light and having a bad attitude. Obviously common sense wasn't flowing through his brain because he acted like a fool. It calls to mind the incidents I have had in my days growing up with unreasonable officers who behave as if the job has gotten to their head. This mentality is dangerous and irresponsible but I don't think you can just pin it on one man but have to open the responsibility to a culture of oppression. The law enforcement ethos seems to thrive on this type of behavior.

Once again we are treated to the celebrity buzz as everyone is quick to mention this incident involves a professional athlete. While I commend Ryan Moats for maintaining a cool head through the incident and not allowing it to escalate any further, I also have to think that if he wasn't who he was, would he still get the media attention? Cetainly somthing to think about.

Lets see sense seep into the theater of law enforcement and not this type of inane behavior. And to all the cops that act like human beings I also ask that you become a force to stop this nonsense from your peers because silence equals tacit approval.

Like Zinn said, "You can't be neutral on a moving train."


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