Sunday, March 29, 2009

Market Ticker First Quarter Wrap-up

I ran through this entry and found it valuable in light of the times. Basically Denninger is saying we need to lower our debt or perish, and that the current policies are not allowing this to happen. We could have helped ourselves last time the economy contracted back a few years ago but instead pumped it up with hot air setting the timer to the present calamity. Now the games being played hold more dire consequences as the balloon has expanded in a way that could pop into quite a nasty little mess. When we were children didn't anyone tell these people not to play with fire. I think it was Denninger who compared the Bureaucrats to arsonists watching their fire and rather than dousing the flames with water have brought in more oil to their infernal party of demise. Of course those are in my words but carry his message. As a matter of fact directly check his report out here:

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