Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Global Currency

Although the Russian and Chinese proposals are devastating to the American's as they look at moving away from the US Dollar as the reserve currency one must see the logic here. People on CNN kept saying that they don't see the change happening but I wonder if that is just wishful thinking and being caught in not being able to see a shifting future. The changes that are happening are sweeping and many of the talking heads either can't grasp it or are not allowed to express their true feelings. Approaching my middle age I have been telling people for years that we are going to see big things in our lifetime (and I don't mean good things). Now that everything is coming on us so quick I must admit developments have arisen at an alarming rate. I wonder about all of the people who are relying solely on mainstream media to make their analyses. I am thankful for poeple such as VisonVictory for bringing angles not seen on the Boob Tube.

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