Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Eros, Less Strife

Creating harmony out of the array of views. We don't want to bog ourselves down in arguing or closing in around our beliefs self-righteously but rather search for the unifying thread of truth and logic that permeates throughout all of the fields of human inquiry. So much is staked out in our petty wars and ego plays for no resultant good. Becker sees this basically as the engine propelled by the denial of our fear of death.

According to Norman O. Brown the world needs more eros and less strife.

What is Eros? Becker defined it as "the urge to unification of experience, to form, to greater meaningfulness."

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More Becker quotes from the Preface of Denial of Death: knowledge is "strewn all over the place, spoken in a thousand competitive voices." "there is no throbbing vital center.", "there has to be revealed the harmony that unites many different positions."

"harmonization of the Babel of views on man and on the human condition, in the belief the time is ripe for a synthesis that covers the best thought in many fields from the human sciences to religion."

"not to oppose and to demolish opposing points of view but to include them into a larger theoretical structure."

"the problem is to find the truth under the exaggeration, excess elaboration, and distortion."

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