Monday, March 23, 2009

Around the Horn

That is baseball talk for those of you that don't know and it is when they throw the ball around the diamond after a strike out. I have copped the term to indicate my Rundown on the goings on of my favorite analysts of the gloom and doom we are now facing.

TheModernMystic has left us with a video to ponder over the next week while he travels

FeverIam said he has a video processing now but left this ominous message on his blog that he has been warned. He won't go into details but he left clues and they are disconcerting. He takes it as a warning to backup his stuff. Ouch! We all should be backing up our stuff because you certainly can't trust our HOSTS to protect our data.

Take note of the link at the bottom of his entry about the Cardinal of Chicago meeting privately with Obama.

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