Monday, March 23, 2009

Bucky on Specialization

Specialization may be the way we are corralled in our work-a-day lives (nowadays if we are lucky), but it is not our natural way of being. According to Buckminster Fuller in his book, Operating Manual for the Spaceship Earth, specialization causes extinction, and forcing oneself into a form of slavery where you bargain your freedom for a safe position in society. Shame on us if we jump off the deep end and open up our possibilities. These days with so many people out of work I am sure a lot of people are finding the need to de-specialize.

Fuller says look at a healthy child. See the wonder and curiousity. See how that child is far from specialized as they go about exploring and understanding their world. That is the same search for knowledge we stifle as adults in our cubicle and apartment based societies of brick and concrete. We put each other and ourselves in boxes unnecessarily. I am glad I had Bucky's handy little Operating Manual nearby to point that out.

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