Saturday, March 21, 2009

What is going on now?

Hello folks,

Lately I have been following several people on youtube. The primary individual has been a man by the name of Mike with his channel called FeverIAm. I originally came across this channel from a mention by TheModernMystic who I have been also following.

I will be using this blog to follow the events of the world through the eyes of myself, him, and a host of other sources around the globe to get a handle on what exactly we are witnessing.

The wake up call is upon us so there seems to be no choice except to forge onward with our EyesOnNow, hence the name.

The most recent video by FeverIam

After covering Google's Street Views entry into the UK and the crazy things being caught on the cameras he moves into the Barack video message to Iran.

This message appears as a new era in relations with Iran. Why is this happening? This is a gesture that needs to be examined very closely.

FeverIam's Youtube page:

TheModernMystic's page:

I will be expanding this blog as I go along. I did want to get the foundation out there so when I can structure it better the groundwork is here.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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