Saturday, March 28, 2009

FeverIAm Links

FeverIAm as always has left us lots of little breadcrumbs to follow along the yellow brick road and I will give you a quick rundown of what he has provided us.

He begins by linking us to an article in Times Online (UK) about flaws in a database designed to protect children which may actually endanger children by assisting ppeople in locating them through information obtained via the database called ContactPoint:

Our next stop is in reference to the fact that the BBC has announced they will begin monitoring social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo, and Myspace. They claim they need to track down criminal gangs and terorists but the Civil Liberties folks are up in arms. In his recent video FeverIAm (Mike) pointed out what self respecting terrorist would be broadcasting their intentions over these sites. The snoopers claim they don't care about the content of the interactions but rather seeing who is talking to who.

He then leads us to a website letting out a call to be mindful of videos forwarded by friends via email that lead to dodgey websites which could be set up to profile you as a possible threat to the existing power structure. The technique is called Memeering and the explanation shows how falling into multiple categories which challenge the powers that be could land you in a round-up to get you out of the way before pivotal stages of the developing storm. It reminds me of what we have seen here in the USA centered around the political conventions in the last 5 years.

If you are not scared enough we go next some articles about the battles being waged against terrorism starting with small groups inspired by Al Qaeda trained and possibly living in the UK waiting to levy an attack.

Gordon Brown on the escalating offensive being prepared against terrorism.

Flaws in the counter-terrorism efforts of the UK

Now as I look over the content from his March 25th entry I see it is chock full of links so rather than attempting to briefly describe them all just go here and take a look for yourself

I realize that following these links and attempting to get my arms around them can be time consuming and in the passage of time they become less critical as new developments take their place in prominence. Thus I am contemplating ways to keep up with his flurry of information as well as others, my varied interests and finally all of the Economy Crisis data I've been coming across. This entry will do for now until I can better present "Whats going on." It takes a little while to get one's feet planted so to speak.

I realize it may be overkill to be broadcasting the same material which you can get direct from the source but as my insights develop I am sure I can make this venture worth the read. I request that if you have found your way here to stick with me and also to chime in with your thoughts. Remember the game we are playing is our Lives.

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