Sunday, March 22, 2009

Otto Rank's Art and Artist is Beyond Praise

Ernest Becker mentions seeing Frederick Perl's call Otto Rank's Art and Artist "beyond praise', and he couldn't imagine any book dealing with science could be such a thing. He immediately searched it out and read it finding this to be true. He said Rank is "something else" as in he is ouot of this world or some other hip way to describe his genius. He warns us that Rank is hard to read but to experience the full joy you must go direct to the source and Becker only outlines the scope of Rank's system of thought.

From Wikipedia entry on Rank:
In 1974, the cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker won the Pulitzer prize for The Denial of Death (1973), which was based on Rank’s post-Freudian writings, especially Will Therapy (1929-31), Psychology and the Soul (1930) and Art and Artist (1932/1989). The feeling of anxiety, writes Rank in Will Therapy (1929-31), divides into two currents, running in opposite directions: one toward separation and individuation; the other toward union and collectivity.

Myth of the Birth of the Hero (Rank):

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