Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pay Attention!!! Whats Going Around

Around the horn we go. What is on the antenna waves today. Once you have subbed to a billion people you are instantly broadcasting lots of different frequencies. Lets explore a few of them as they show themselves.

Youtube User: demcad (all caps) Reginald

I am a little shaken by the lack of tact seen by the media folks in his clips. T-bagging? How juvenile have we become? The key is that the Commercial Real Estate Collapse could be a really big domino.

Lets keep this random flow going and see what else is voicing. The Young Turks got a vid about Representative Kirk saying people are so angry they are ready to shoot people.

I must say this no censoring my subs as they come out of the gate is a little unnervy but maybe thats what this blog needs is a little random power and less cute diminutive curating all of the time.

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