Sunday, April 12, 2009

Be Smart!

Affirmations are stated in the positive. Don't be stupid becomes Be smart. And this is how I've turned the thoughts of Market Ticker's latest post into the affirmative so Pay Attention!!!

The bulls are running wild temporarily and there are little fundamentals to back it up. Parties on the Titanic are not my cup of tea but Tea Parties seem to be for some folks lately.

The party atmosphere you see around this false bubble is going to sweep the table of cash and leave the retail investor holding bloated shares with no value acording to K-Den. Tax season will hit the market hard and though we can't predict the exact market on any given day Denninger warns us to keep a hand near the "Sell button."

Ridng waves on the Titanic can make a little recovery cash but you can't build your flimsy house of cards on the winds of tsunami. Be ready! Be smart!

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