Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I'm Watching

I've been silent for almost a week as I've not found the mindset to properly write on the happenings around and about. I decided to break the trend and rather than wait for inspirations I've decided to just tell y'all what I'm watching. It begins with a re-education vid by VotersThinkDotOrg. I subbed to them knowing they provided clips similar to CSpan Junkie. They are obviously of the Republican ilk which ventures me to ask the question am I becoming a Conservative as I get older? Hmmm, from a Progressive to a Conservative maybe not yet but there is definitely a shift in my thoughts as I grow older. I partially blame Robert Anton Wilson for his constant challenge of reality tunnels in the book Prometheus Rising.

Anyway here is the vid about the Americorps may be brainwashing our youth.

Here is a DPRJones offering which has been mirrored off the Thunderf00t channel it appears. I must admit I do watch T-f00t and find his intellect worth listening to but I sense his angry adversarial way off-putting. I try to keep my personal asides in check although I know that he doesn't always play fair and thus leaves himself vulnerable to attack by someone who can passively counter his mudslings which at times fall below the belt despite his insistings of debating prowess. This vid is about VenomFangX making money for some kids hospital which appears to be a way to enrich himself. Profiting from vidmaking seems to be a sore point for Mr. T-f00t considering it was a big part of his debate recently with HowTheWorldWorks.

This is a vid from George4Title who I must admit I find his constant advertising for his hyperinflation site annoying. It covers unrest in Moldova.

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