Thursday, April 9, 2009

G20 Cop Sidelined Pending Investigation

The Guardian has released info stating that the now embattled cop appearing in the video assaulting newspaper vendor Ian Tomlinson shortly before his death has not been interviewed yet by the investigators. Officials say that the investigation is going on properly despite people questioning their handling. In the video attached to the article you can see a ring around the fallen Tomlinson as protesters look on. Family members of the fallen man want answers and the lack of them is the reason cited by the man who released one of the original videos to surface. A second autopsy may reveal more information as to the assault. This story sure is fluid as details seem to be sprouting everywhere. The early official story has changed dramatically

Here is a heartwrenching personal profile of a man who endured a hard life on the streets away from his family as he wanted to regain his foothold on normalcy.

Here are the final words his good friend and employer heard before he set out to his demise (taken from the above linked article)

At 7pm, I had run out of papers so I told him to go home," said Mr Smith.

"His last words to me were: 'see you tomorrow Barry, if I'm still living and breathing'.

"It tears me apart thinking about that now."

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