Monday, May 11, 2009

Reinhardt D-day is here!!!

May 11th the big day for Reinhardt has come and is on its way to being gone. The temperament on the streets is definitely moving towards optimistic even though there are no strong signs that we are anywhere near out of the woods yet. I sit on the sidelines and ponder the result about to come upon us. My favorite thing I've noticed is how many people act like they know exactly whats going on. I am gaining view of this social organization I've been born into and want to know more about this pretty mess.

Lately my first stop has been FeverIAm because he has an uncanny ability to uncover details most of us miss. As supported an hour ago on Fev's latest video by a comment by Youtube user aw3212

"FeverAmI (sic) doesn't ask for anything, doesn't expect us to think a certain way and he gives us facts and information that we'd otherwise miss"

FeverIAm's New Video

People love to get all gossippy on the Reinhardt situation as evidenced by the banter on godlikeproductions but I am not that interested in the personality stuff as much as I am in the solid info, so lets keep that in mind as we continue.

Fever's first link is about JP Morgan and how they managed to stay out of trouble on certain risky investments because they vconjured, and thus knew to steer clear of them. As Marsh puts it:

There were central bankers who kept interest rates too low, the politicians who turned a blind eye toward bloated international liquidity, the regulators who were too lax and the chief executives who were too aggressive. Also, the Americans and British persisted in running unsustainable current account deficits, while the Germans and Chinese piled up unsustainable surpluses.

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