Monday, May 4, 2009

Reinhardt Countdown Looms Closer

Reinhardt is a modern day Nostradamus of sorts. You can find out about him by searching once you've navigated past Doug and Django. He is credited with predicting the fall 2008 collapse well in advance of its tumble.

Reinhardt's website: Enterprise Corruption

Many have soured on his predictions since his website went to an expensive pay format. You can find talk threads about him on the website godlikeproductions.

Here FeverIAm's video regarding Reinhardt. He cites health provisions as the big deal in the Obama stimulus plan. Globalizing your health info will send your data overseas within seconds. Mike gets into Reinhardt and his love of cycles. When everything gets stored electronically ...

Now as the countdown to May 11 nears we can only wonder what is next. Here is a vid on Youtube about the prediction

Legatus is an organization founded by Dominos Pizza owner. Reinhardt insists this is the pivotal connection and they will be having a big gathering in the days leading up to May 11.

The banks are in jeopardy beginning this month according to some folks. Here FeverIam talks about the capitalization of banks and their ability to withstand swings. The results have yet to be revealed.

Hal Turner's Leaked Report on Bank Stress Tests

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