Monday, May 4, 2009

Keep Your Eyes On the Warren Buffett Table

On ABC's Good Morning America Warren Buffett assured us of a recovery on the way.

He has been claiming around the circuit these days that the actions taken so far have navigated us past the Pearl Harbor phase of the recession. On deck are the Bank Stress Tests which have been held back another week. The world is uneasy and the state of the American Banks is a big reason why. We are going into a pivotal phase in the economic and political maelstrom. It is amazing we even listen to a figure like him considering he got taken for a ride along with everyone else. The only difference is he can afford to shave off a few billion dollars in cash.

One can only wonder if this is all false optimism or if the likes of Reinhardt are on to something. He pegs May 11th as the big day.

Remember to take the path of the rhino, keep your eyes on now, and check back later for another update on whats going on.

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